Weight Loss

10 Foods That Will Make You Look Skinnier Than You Are
Summer is basically here, and unless you're a psychopath super responsible or whatever, you probably didn't spend the winter months eating right and [...]
7 Healthy Midnight Snacks to Help You Get Back to Sleep
Going to bed hungry and waking up with a rumbling tummy in the middle of the night is no fun. So if youre hungry before bedtime, is it OK to grab a snack? [...]
The 6 Weight Loss Rules You Need To Stop Ignoring
Im not sure when everyone on earth started thinking theyre some #fitspo expert, but it feels like every nutritionist, health magazine, and random Buzzfeed [...]
Kim Kardashian Faces Backlash Over Tweet About Flu Weight Loss
The reality star tweeted on Wednesday morning that the flu is a great way to lose weight,adding that she dropped six pounds just in time for the Met Gala [...]
This Guy Posted Weight Loss Pics and Got an Unexpected Reaction
At his heaviest in high school, thirty-one-year-old Gabriel weighed 330 pounds, but after starting a consistent exercise regimen and drastically shifting [...]
What To Eat Before Going Out So You Don’t Bloat Or Die
Does bloating ruin you day, your evening, and your life in general? Do you often try to be a responsible adult and attempt to eat before binge drinking, [...]
Apple cider vinegar: What the experts say
(CNN)Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular natural health products around, with claims for everything from sanitizing toothbrushes to whittling [...]
Gym membership
6 Ways Canceling My Gym Membership Helped Me Lose More Weight Faster
I spent the last eight years strapped to the gym. Obsessed with pursuit of that summer six-pack, I bobbed up and down on the elliptical like there was no [...]
Weight Loss Done Well
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Mom Records Morning Routine With Her Workout Partner: Her 2-Year-Old Daughter
A muscular mom is crediting her workout partner for her awesome weight loss. It just so happens, though, that this workout partner is also her 2-year-old [...]